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Introducing the RATFLAP®. An innovative, simple and cheap solution to the worldwide problem of rats in sewers. RATFLAP® prevents rats from moving from main sewer systems into the pipes serving properties. The RATFLAP® will stop rats from breaking out of a damaged pipe underground and gaining access.

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Designed by a pest controller who understands the biology and behaviour of brown rats, the RATFLAP® is designed to stop rats in their tracks, while not affecting the flow of the sewer. Made entirely from 304 grade stainless steel and precision cut by laser meaning RATFLAP® will last for decades. Taking years of development the device is designed to be a simple "fit & forget" solution and can be fitted by almost anyone although a basic knowledge of sewer flow and layout is recommended.

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Fit and forget Solution

RATFLAP® is available in all sewer pipe sizes (4inch/100mm, 5inch, 6inch/150mm, 9inch/225mm up to 12 inch/300mm and odd sizes can be made upon request too) RATFLAP® can be retrofitted into old, plastic or clay pipes and new pipe systems too. RATFLAP® can be placed into the upstream or downstream positions depending on your sewer flow layout.

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RATFLAP® is designed as a solution to stop rats gaining access to your drains without the need for laying poisons or traps meaning it is an environmentally friendly option. How it works is simple but highly effective. Scroll through the images using the arrows to see how it works.


The RATFLAP® can be fit to all old and modern waste sewer systems and can be placed in upstream or downstream positions depending on your sewer flow layout.

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"The Ratflap is probably the the most effective rat prevention tool I have ever seen"

Bob Lynch (IRELAND) | Emergency Pest Control

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Do you operate a drain cleaning company, pest control company or work as part of a local council? If so we can supply you with the RATFLAP® in bulk and in various sizes, just email us at If you are interested please send an order query by filling out the form to the right.

If you are unsure what size drain you have please print this size guide (set to 100% print scale).


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To get a RATFLAP fitted by a professional simply check out our map of professional installers to find one closest to you. If you wish to buy and install a Ratflap yourself then please get in touch. We will be happy to help!

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