The permanent, simple, cheap solution to the worldwide problem of rats in sewers.

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Introducing the Ratflap®

Provides a permanent, simple, cheap solution to the worldwide problem of rats in sewers. This device prevents rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes servicing your property.

The Ratflap® will stop these rats from breaking out of a damaged pipe underground.

The RATFLAP® has changed slightly recently, these changes have come about to make the installation of the RATFLAP® even easier. The RATFLAP® can be placed in either the upstream or downstream location inside your sewer by simply placing the RATFLAP® in the chosen pipe, no fiddling with bolts or spanners especially on cold wet days, just be sure to follow the arrow on the top of the unit regarding the flow of waste inside your pipe.

Thank you for choosing the RATFLAP® you can be sure you are using the No.1 sewer rat prevention tool in Europe, No.1 for quality, No.1 for ease of use, No.1 for value.

Rats are in almost every sewer

Do you have 50 to 60 mm holes in your soil that reappear soon after you fill them in? Or where rats have gained entry to your building, you hear noises on a regular basis but cannot locate their entry hole.

The last thing you want to do is to lay poison as they may die in your wall or attic space and decay causing a horrific smell and fly problems.

Installing the RATFLAP® will allow any rat to leave your property as normal but stops the rats in their tracks from returning, thus solving your elusive rat problem. The Ratflap® is an environmentally friendly solution to your rat problem as it does not kill or maim the rat.

We all have rat problems

Rats inhabiting your house is undesirable for most people and up until now stopping the rats at street level has proved impossible because of the need for efficient waste flow inside the pipes.

Having spent 12 years in the pest control industry we are aware or the huge problems that badly constructed and damaged sewer pipe systems cause to homes and places of work with regard to rat infestations. When the problem was identified in the sewer then it had to be fixed usually by digging up the offending pipe and replacing it a huge cost. Installing a Ratflap® stops all the sewer rat problems forever.

About the product

The Ratflap® is a uniquely designed solution to rat problems in sewers. Scroll through the images to see how it works. Installation Instructions.

With the RATFLAP installed into the pipe waste is free to move in the normal manner through the device, while at the same time preventing rats from gaining entry to your property. The clever design allows the device to move in one direction only while providing almost full volume of the pipe for waste flow. Installation Step 1: Fix loose end of the tether to inside of the inspection chamber, using hardware provided. Installation Step 2: The ideal position for the RATFLAP is in the final inspection chamber on your sewer line, a small amount of twisting motion may be required to seat the RATFLAP into the pipe, tidy any excess cable in to a coil, deep chambers will require the purchase of our telescopic pole. The RATFLAP creates an impenetrable barrier for rats, protecting you and your property from unwanted incursions.

Client testimonials

Read some of our client testimonials who have used a RATFLAP® to solve their rat problems.

"The Ratflap is probably the the most effective rat prevention tool I have ever seen"

Bob Lynch (IRELAND) | Emergency Pest Control

“We’ve fitted up to 40 Ratflaps® recently. All are functioning well and I have some very pleased customers”

David Parnell (UK) | Pest Control

"Just a quick email to let you know that there hasn't been a peep since before our last conversation. Ratflap seems to have done the job. We are all getting our full nights sleep so for that I will be forever grateful."

Aoife Angelo & Luca (Co Wexford) | Had a severe rat issue for over 6 years and had this to say 10 days after installation of the Ratflap.

"Just thought I would let you know that on Monday I will be installing 2 more of your Ratflaps. This will take my total installed to 200. I guess you could say they work OK. Thanks for a great product."

John Sage. Pestforce | Swindon and Newbury.

Corporate interest

Do you operate a Drain Cleaning company, Pest Control company or a Council, if so we can supply you with the Ratflap® in bulk and in various sizes, just email us at or phone +353866070677 (GMT ) to receive a quote.

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About the company

Andec Supplies Ltd is a wholly owned Irish company based in County Meath, Ireland.

Our email for general enquiries is The Ratflap® device is an Irish designed & manufactured product.